Instagram 3.0 is now available on iOS and Android

instagram_final_171349035021_640x360It has been recently revealed on an official blog that Instagram 3.0 will soon be available on iOS and Android platform. Instagram 3.0 emphasizes more on creating a better browsing experience, as revealed in the post. Map navigation has been modified in a better manner. If we go by the exact comments from the makers then Instagram 3.0 is “a new and unique way” to navigate and search on the map. You will enjoy the fluent browsing of the photos as well. All the updates will be flashed on your screen instantly. The improved speed while surfing through Instagaram 3.0 will also lure you into it. You can scroll in feeds for infinite time. This is the best way by which you can easily navigate through the photos and other apps. You can also flag photos while reviewing through this software. The Photo Maps apps takes away the attention of the people instantly. This app empowers you to display your photos on the map instantly. There are lots of other specs of this app which you will encounter once you start using it physically. The photos will get arrange in the bigger grid so as to make the browsing pretty easier. You can insert the caption in a better manner as well. The photo upload through the Instagram 3.0 has become pretty easy as well. There are lots of other things to explore in it. You can easily download it on your iOS and Android mobile. So do keep a good look at it.
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