Innovative Tech Solutions at the MWC 2013

The 2013 edition of Mobile World Congress is one event that would remain as a lifelong memory for the public due to two reasons; the new venue of Fira Gran Via and minimal access to admirable devices. Previously the crowd in Barcelona would be offered with admirable devices with stunning exteriors such as HTC, Nokia and Microsoft. The event was a grand replication of last year with the unveiling of HTC’s One series, Nokia 808 PureView, two new Sony Xperia phones and full Consumer Preview of Windows 8. The devices that stood out were Nokia, Samsung and LG. There were no new products by Sony and Asus introduced its tablet-dockable phone features. Xv02-25_16-01-2920_large_verge_medium_landscape The main reason for the launch of a new trend of products is the alarming emphasis on software and commoditization of hardware. The present generation of tech freaks don’t just rely on design and polish; hence companies are focusing on development and software. There has been a change in the expectations of future electronic devices; consumers are interested in dwelling on interior features and fitments than just the exterior shine. There has been a bond between businesses during the MWC and CES events this year. The MWC venue for this year’s event is designed with a ‘’Mediterranean Networking Garden’’ with mini golf course for tightening deals between executives from even overseas. The business discussions may not occur in depth, but the event is strengthened with discussions on the latest technology insertions. Companies has started working on their own theories to operate a new product, Microsoft quit CES, Samsung is firm that every hero Galaxy device works on its own ingredients, the same trend was followed by HTC a week ago and Google introduced the Chromebook Pixel from MWC. Mobile World Congress in one of the prestigious events to showcase the latest innovations and products in technology. The most thrilling and interesting fact about the event is tech firms working on their own ingredients to obtain a new product with novel and unique technology. Source: TheVerge

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