Infinity Blade III, third edition of the Fantasy action hit game series now available in iTunes Store

The third edition in the hit fantasy action game series for iOS devices is now available to buy in the iTunes Store. Infinity Blade III is the third installment in this game series by Chair games and now the iOS users can download it on their devices. It is basically a ‘hack and slash style’ action game just like its two predecessors. It is also the final installment for this game series at iOS platform.

Infinity Blade III graphics

The new game in the hit series comes with improved graphics, several new features and hours of funny game play to exercise the fingers of the players. The new edition of the game allows the players to choose between male and female warriors for the enemy slaying quests etc. Apple iPhone 5S users will be able to enjoy the game more than the others with the latest M7 motion processor as well as with the 64bit compatible graphics chip in the phone.

Infinity Blade III characters

Players will be able to choose between the hit character of the game ‘Siris’ and a mysterious woman character named ‘Isa’. Both of the characters come with different type of skills set as well as different weapons to slash the enemies.

Infinity Blade III fights

Players will be able to tweak the fighting styles of their characters in the new edition of the Infinity Blade game series for iOS. Infinity Blade III is a universal app at the iTunes Store and priced at $6.99 (Rs. 390) and compatible with the latest versions of the iPhone devices. So, if you love action based hack and slash games then must download the latest version of the Infinity Blade series. Download Link
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