Indian Telcos Should Induct Domestic Telecom Equipment: TEMA

The Indian Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association (TEMA) in a communication to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the Home Minister P Chidambaram raised the issue of susceptibility of the Indian telecommunication network to collapse at any critical juncture due to lack of initiative on the part of the Government. According to the communication sent to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), TEMA has raised the issue of “too much dependability” on the foreign telecommunication companies for the Indian telecommunication infrastructure, thereby raising the vulnerability of national threat. “The United States of America too has similar concerns as India’s. They have taken the issue of large scale use of foreign made equipments in their telecom networks seriously. We are in a much worse condition, as almost all the critical sub systems of our nationwide telecom network have foreign equipment in it and we are not taking any concrete step in mitigating this potential threat which exists by promoting the use of indigenous equipments into the network,” said TEMA Director General Ashok K. Aggarwal. “Our situation is no different than that of the US except that they are proactive, while we have yet to take necessary steps towards correcting the situation,” added Aggarwal. It its communication, TEMA has suggested the Indian Government to take cognizance of this situation before it reaches an alarming proportion through continuous use of imported equipment. In this context, TEMA has been suggesting to make it mandatory for the Indian telecom service providers to induct homemade equipment for which complete know-how and expertise in available in the country and is not be susceptible to hijacking the control by any foreign country through use of hidden spyware.

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