Indian MPs are being taught how to use iPad

Parliament Secretariat today sanctioned Rs. 50,000 for all Members of Parliament to buy either Apple iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab. Since, our elederly statesmen were little non-savvy with technology, they were duly provided with special orientation classes on how to use these gadgets. Parliament seems to have created special apps designed specially for use during Parliamentary sessions. ipad-750x599 All the 790 members of parliament including rajya sabha and lok sabha will be getting these tablets. This initiative is aimed at curbing the huge mountains of paper that piles on parliament every day. This initiative is aimed to reducing paperwork and minimizing the red-tape. MPs can now access the past parliamentary debates and question lists all from the tablet. This seems to be a welcome move..but we hope it does not end up as a wrong tool in wrong hands! We just hope that it does not become a fancy piece of gadget for them and it actually serves the purpose by eliminating paperwork and inefficiency a bit. Image source:

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