Indian manufacturer 7 Seas to launch New Android games

7Seas-Launched-The-Dark-Man-Game-for-Android-UsersThe Indian game developer 7 Seas Entertainment has offered you an interesting game to hang on with. The name of the game is “The Dark Man”. 7 Seas Entertainment has released this game on the Android based devices. “The Dark Man” is an archery based puzzle game. In this game, the player need to shoot apples as targets. Most of the time, apples will be placed on the character’s head. The best part about the game is its traditional look. The characters and the items have been painted in black and white colors and you will definitely love to hang on with it. This is quite an addictive game and you will slowly get entrap into its lure. The game can be played on easy, medium or tough difficulty level. The game moves further with each passing level. This game is available at Google Play Store. The full version comprises of 30 levels and it can be downloaded at a cost of Rs 55, while the free version just has 10 levels to qualify. 7 Seas entertainment has also made available this game on Samsung App store and other leading apps stores such as LG store. 7 Seas entertainment may soon bring out some more credible games to its list. So just wait and watch, there are lots of fun in store for you. 7 Seas entertainment has been a pioneering Indian game developer to offer the local legends something of their “own”. It has quite a vibrant plans for its future.
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