Indian Cellular Association sued by Aakash maker for Defamation

Datawind the U.K based firm that  made Aakash-India’s most inexpensive  tablet has sued the Indian Cellular Association (ICA) for allegedly ‘defaming’ them and for making statements that have caused a negative impact on the company. datawind Datawind’s CEO Suneet Singh Tuli said that the company has “sent a legal notice to them for spreading false reports against us in the media and in government meetings including places such as the department of IT.” Tuli feels that some local makers wanted the tender to make Aakash 1. When they were unsuccessful in doing so they along with some ICA members retorted to spreading defaming statements about Datawind. Quad which is Datawind’s suppliers say that the company paid only for 1500 tablets whereas Datawind claims to have bought inventory for 50,000 tablets. But Tuli has disagreed to Quad’s claims and wants to share details of payments soon. Pankaj Mohindroo, ICA’s President, has confirmed to having received a legal notice from Datawind. “The legal notice is baseless. As an association we get invited to consult government on various issues. It’s our duty to advice the government what is in best interests of the country and its visionary Aakash project,” commented Mohindroo. The truth in these rumours is yet to be investigated. The matters will become clearer when Datawind shows the payment records made to Quad. Also ICA will have to answer all the allegations it has made on Datawind ih the court of law.

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