Indian Airports will start accepting Mobile Boarding Passes Soon

Indian domestic fliers will finally be relieved of carrying boarding passes as the aviation ministry has been working on a virtual boarding pass system. The boarding pass will henceforth be delivered onto the passenger’s smartphone.


The e-boarding system will be similar to Google Now’s electronic Boarding Pass and Samsung’s Wallet app which also features a boarding pass service. With the new facility, these apps will also become relevant to Indian users.

According to a report, the Aviation Ministry has proposed the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) to work on bar coded boarding cards that will be delivered on the passenger’s phone. This bar code will work as an electronic card on the passenger’s device and will be emailed once the passenger registers to check in via telephonic or online mode.

The concept has been accepted and the concerned agency is now working on the development of the product keeping in mind the convenience of the passenger as well as the CISF personnel. Currently, passengers have to collect the boarding passes from the check in counter and get the stamped by the CISF security personnel before proceeding for boarding. However, with the e-boarding passes, the stamping process will also be done away with.

Recently, most of the Indian Airports have finally started accepting e-tickets for travellers to enter the airport. prior to this, the traveller had to carry a hard copy of the ticket to be shown at the airport’s entry gate.

These new, progressive steps being taken by the Aviation Ministry will more or less eliminate the need for paper documents, making air travel process more environment friendly. Also, it will save a lot of time for travelers who do not have to cue for a long time to get their boarding passes.

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