India Unveils World’s Cheapest Laptop @ Rs 1,500

The Government has unveiled a revolutionary computer with a price tag of just $35 (Rs 1,500). The world’s cheapest laptop has been specifically designed providing low-cost and affordable access cum computing devices to students and teachers and providing high quality e-content free of cost to all learners in the country, said union minister Kapil Sibal. The seven and nine inch Linux-based touchscreen device can also be run on solar power, besides the battery operated system. With built-in keyboard, the laptop features a 2 GB RAM memory, wi-fi connectivity, USB port and is powered by a 2-watt system to suit poor power-supply areas. It will support functions like video web conferencing facility and multimedia content viewing. 23sibal1 “The price of the device exhibited today is expected to be around $35 per piece, gradually dropping down to $20 and ultimately to $10 a piece. Since this effort of continuous reduction in price and enhancement in capabilities would require a constant endeavour for R&D, IIT Rajasthan and some other IITs and technical institutions are setting up research teams to cover a wide range of issues in achieving our ultimate goal in terms of price and quality,” said Sibal. Sibal went on to say that the device is the result of team-effort. Experts, students and professors  from the Indian Institutes of Technology at Kharagpur, Kanpur, Chennai, Mumbai and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, were involved to make this device. One motherboard was designed under Ministry’s guidance in the B.Tech project of a student at VIT, Vellore, and was fabricated at IIT Kanpur. The aim is to reach such devices to the students of colleges and universities and to provide these institutions a host of choices of low cost access devices around Rs 1,500 or less in near future, expressed Sibal.

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