India Gets Its Own Mobile Handset Cloud

InfoStretch, a mobile testing and certification services and customised mobile development company, has launched India Mobile Handset Cloud to make Indian handsets and networks available to the global community of mobile developers and content providers and to offer Indian developers access to the global network of remote handsets. “The system provides a web-based user-interface through which the mobile community can easily use any handset in the same way a real-life user would, through its keys, touch-screen, or QWERTY keyboard, to validate that the handset and its applications work properly,” according to the company. The system will allow mobile developers to test on real mobile handsets without having to physically obtain them; test on multiple handsets and geographies including India; test variety of OS versions; access new popular handsets and showcase their mobile application by taking screenshots and video clips; and run automated tests across multiple handsets. The systems provide for automated solutions as well, through which users will be able to install applications on handsets, automatically send SMS and email messages to the handset under test and compare how their mobile web pages are displayed on different phones. “The Indian mobile community can now access more than 1800 mobile handsets at a click of a button,” said Ashok Karania, Head – Business Strategy, InfoStretch. “We believe India is a very important market for the next level of growth in the mobile industry,” said Eran Yaniv, CEO, Perfecto Mobile. “By partnering with InfoStretch, we are now able to offer our global customers an ability to test on Indian Handsets and carriers. With a proven track record and vast experience in the mobile testing market, InfoStretch is the ideal partner for us.” India is the sixth country in the world to have its own Handset Cloud, after US, UK, Canada, France and Israel.

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