India Gets Its First Sony PlayStationStore!

Sony PlayStation has launched its first PlayStationStore for the Indian market. With this, Indian game lovers can update their personal game library with new games and demos for their PSP,PSP Go and PS3. Offering a colossal range of downloadable content, PlayStationStore is open 24/7 to access free online gaming, surf the web, chat with around the world, download new and exclusive games and the latest expansion packs from PlayStation Store. sony Users can download full games starting from Rs 225 for the PS3 and Rs 170 for the PSP and PSP Go, and these games can be used on five other activated PS3,PSP & PSP Go consoles. Another feature of the PlayStationNetwork is the new subscription service PlayStationPlus. This service gives access to a whole array of premium content and introduces with  discounts, services and content such as early access to beta trials and demos, and free games and downloads. The company claims, “With an annual subscription of Rs 2,850, one can avail content worth approximately Rs 14, 000 absolutely free. There is also a 90 day subscription package for a sum of Rs. 885 wherein the user can avail content worth approximately Rs 6,500 free.” “We are very excited to be bringing PlayStationStore to the Indian market, making available existing games as well as PSN Exclusive games through digital download at even more attractive price points,” said Atindriya Bose, country manager, India, Sony Computer Entertainment. “Even before the launch, we saw good demand for the network in India, with nearly 50000 of Indian users signed up to the network already. With a fairly large installed base as well as impressive growth for PSP and PS3 combined with the development of broadband infrastructure in India, there is no better time to launch the PlayStationStore for the Indian market.”

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