Improved 3D Maps And Imagery In iOS 6 Now

Maps service of iOS 6 has received criticism for its under-par services. Understanding the dire consequences of the brand, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized to the consumers and even suggested to use alternative applications till Apple improvises client’s expectations. apple maps app As per a report by MacRumors, Apple has already started to ad-lib its application and try to resolve the issue as quick as possible. It has now improved coverage for 3D maps and better imagery. As per the report, the improvement is ongoing and members of the forum have noticed significant change in 3D content in the Map app, including both the satellite/aerial imagery and the standard maps. The first noticeable improvement is the New York City area where the Statue of Liberty is nicely being visible. Other improvisation includes the clearly seen Flyover imagery appearing in Honolulu, Hawaii and the San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles area. It was anticipated that the hitch in Maps app could affect the sales of the iPhone 5, however, analysts claimed that it wouldn’t. They predicted that the demand of iPhone 5 would continue to run as because Apple hasn’t changed the supply-chain manufacturing plans. They have also overseen the problem as a short term issue and could be avoidable. The good thing is Maps app is software based, so there is always a chance of to make a better program that will be more powerful and refined. Analysts hope that Apple will continue with the improvisation and make the app more suitable in coming months. It is noted that Google Maps has renowned for its better solution, though when it started it also faced criticism as compared to Yahoo Maps and Mapquest. Gradually with time it refined its apps and now becomes the top Maps app. Analysts say, Apple has no choice but to improve its Maps as Google did. The short term pain is actually blessing in disguise results into longer-term gain.

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