IK Multimedia Mobile Music Accessories

IK Multimedia is a popular manufacturer of apps and accessories.  With the announcement of  its first recording  Android app, iRig® Recorder, now it has declared that five iOS mobile accessories are compatible with popular Android devices. It stated that its series of microphones and recording accessories from  iRig MIC, iRig MIC Cast, iRig PRE, to the portable DJ mixer iRig MIX and the tabletop stand iKlip STUDIO, will work on Android smartphones and tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy and Note range. This is big and welcome news for IK fans. Let’s look at some of its productions. IK_MULTIMEDIA_irig_recorder_for_android iRig MIC is a popular accessory which essentially is a handheld microphone developed for close-range as well as for distance-making applications. Voice recording is clear and without distortion. There are more musical applications and you can use it for podcasts and lectures and much more. The recordings are of high quality. iRig MIC Cast is a compact microphone offering high-quality. This was basically made for podcasts and voice recordings of the kind. You can hook it up to a smartphone or tablet through an audio jack and it has a mini-headphone jack for playback, etc., and has some inbuilt tweaks for improvising audio quality. iRig PRE is a sized mic preamp which can fit into your pocket and with it you can use professional XLR mics with a mobile device. It gives phantom power for condenser mics, and you can set the input level through the adjustable gain control it comes with. iRig MIX is the DJ-style audio mixer that can be carted around easily since it was made to be ultra portable. This mixer is so tiny that it can be handled with one hand making it great for mobile DJ apps. It has two channels and a volume slider for each, EQ controls and LED meters. There’s a crossfader which regulates and auto adjusts the level between the channels. The mixer provides lots of I/O even RCA outputs, making it oh so cool for to link up with DJ gear and home stereo setups. iKlip STUDIO, a stoic tabletop stand made exclusively for tablets to be placed safely on flat surfaces. It firmly keeps in place the tablet through its rubber and textured feet. This stand has long lasting durable thermoplastic components, and a wide angle range for choosing your angle of viewing through an easy adjustment mechanism. iRig MIC, iRig MIC Cast, iRig PRE, and iRig MIX can each be bought at authorized IK Multimedia music and e- retailers worldwide, and also from the Company’s online store. For those seeking to create their own music production start up house, there’s IK Multimedia, a computer music technology company which has in its profile a numver of music production tools. These tools come at a good price and are user friendly with uncomplicated functions. The results are also great, producing professional sounds with clarity and crispness. The popularity of the IK range is known and its use has been found by musicians across the world, including  professionals. Its high quality resonance and innovative gear can collectively complete your in house production studio generating great audio. All of the above mentioned gear reinforces the known fact of the Company’s par excellence launches. What’s really far out is the pricing coupled with the quality and uniqueness.

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