iGloLEDSet – A wifi controlled LED light set

MEA Mobile is an Mobile application development company based in New Zealand. The latest app creation from them is a really interesting application that has some relevance for this Christmas! The company has commercially released iGloLEDSeta WiFi controllable LED lights to the market. The LED Lights comes in a 16.4 foot strip (approx 5 meters in length) with 120 full colour lights. This strip is nothing short of magical. iGloLEDSet igloledset_ipad_led_light_controller Check out what sort of cool things you can do with this strip all wirelessly controlled from your mobile phone! 1. The sequence of lighting, colours and patterns are all programmable. 2. The strip can be segmented into various sub-segments and each sub-segment can have different sequence and patterns! 3. The LED Lights comes with hundres of presets. 4. The LED lights can be controlled through iPhone, iPad or Android phones through Wi-Fi. 5. Multiple strips can be daisy-chained to form long strips. 6. The strips are weather resistant. The strips are encased in UV Resistant transparent silicone casing. Unfortunately, the connectors and controllers are not weather resistant. This rules out the use of this LED strip outdoors! 7. LEDSet comes with a car kit. 8. Approximately 546 strips can be chained together. This combined chain would then measure 9000 feet! The LEDLight set costs $299. The product is shipped globally with a flat shipping fee of 20$ within US and 40$ outside US. So, wow your guests and neighbours this christmas with this cool wi-fi controlled LED light set! Android application to control iGloLEDSet iPhone application to control iGloLEDSet For more technical clarifications checkout out FAQ
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