IFA 2012 Berlin: Samsung tells Indian blogger last minute to wear uniform, man booth

Samsung flew Indian blogger to IFA 2012 Berlin event in Germany and asks to wear uniform, man a booth there and promote Samsung products. If not, the blogger loses return trip ticket. Is this human? Samsung-Mobile-logo Clinton Jeff, an Indian blogger from New Delhi, tweeted today this unbelievable news happened with him. To a tech site he said he made clear to Samsung earlier of only attending the IFA 2012 Berlin event as a reporter and not to do any promotional work on behalf of the company. When the event date was nearing Mr Jeff came across few warning signs as to what he might be asked to do at the conference. One such sign was request for his clothing measurement by Samsung. Reaching Berlin Mr Jeff was handed over a Samsung shirt and was asked to report about the fitting of the uniform. He was informed to man a booth there for Samsung and promote the products to press members attending the conference. Saying no Mr Jeff was told by Samsung India PR representative over the phone either he need to do what the company is saying or fly back home by his own ticket. Few minutes later to this phone call the same PR representative told Mr Jeff that Samsung would pay for the return ticket but five days earlier than what was planned earlier. Is this the right way Samsung? Do share your voices. If you are a blogger, would you like to wear Samsung uniform and man a booth if things turned up to such in last minute? Use the below comment section. Also, read other happening at the IFA 2012 Berlin event from the below link:

IFA 2012 Berlin, GERMANY
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