IFA 2012 Berlin: Samsung takes U-turn; Apologizes Indian bloggers

We covered a story yesterday that Samsung has put Indian tech blogger Clinton Jeff from New Delhi into undue hardship when he had not given a ear to do promotional work for the company at the IFA 2012 Berlin event in Germany. Samsung-Mobile-logo This is a follow up of the news as after few hours of the incidence, or probably after the issue getting highlighted on the Web media, Samsung has apologized Mr Jeff as well as other Indian tech bloggers who faced the same situation after reaching Berlin. You can check the earlier story of yesterday from the below link:

Samsung tells Indian blogger last minute to wear uniform, man booth
Samsung released a statement putting all the blames on the coordinator of Samsung Mob!lers. The company said it is a voluntary community of active Samsung mobile device users and offers opportunity to bloggers and others to participate in their marketing events across the world. Samsung added that all the activities undertaken under it are on voluntary basis and no one is forced to do those. Well, an e-mail that has been provided to The Next Web reads as below: “I would like to reach out to you and deeply apologize to you for your experience in Berlin at IFA. We put you through undue hardship and we are trying to rectify the situation.” The e-mail seems to have come from Samsung representative admitting to Mr Jeff that Samsung was at fault. Do share your views on Samsung’s U-turn, and also do check other happenings at the IFA 2012 Berlin from the below link: IFA 2012 Berlin, GERMANY
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