If Android was a person, he would like look like him

Data Visualizations and infographics are turning out to be a very interesting field with ample scope for number crunching, creativity and precision communication. These days data is available publicly. All you have to do is to look for it and most of the times curate the content to fit your needs (which is the boring and hard part). But once you have the data, the data can be visualized in many ways. Bluestacks, a company that specializes in running android applications on PC thought of an interesting question. “If Android was a living person, how will he/she look like?”. To find the answer, they started gathering data from nielsen and their facebook fan page (Which apparently has 145,000 fans). The data had indications of demographics, geographic and psychographics! Before we look at the boring numbers, have a look at how Mr. Android will look like (yes, the person is a male!)


71% of Android users wear t-shirts!

62% of Android users play games on Android OS

62% of Android users wear jeans

33% of Android users do not have any paid apps installed!

37% of Android users wear glasses

45% of Android users wear wrist watches

This data is compiled from a small sample and the data is skewed more towards the western world. So, dont take it seriously. However, appreciate the idea and Mr.Android is looking very handsome 🙂

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