Idea announces up to 75% discount on International roaming

We recently saw the iPhone and the iPad in India. Now please welcome the iRoam. No, its not another product from Apple, but the name of an International roaming pack from Idea, the company better known for its innovative (read pathetic) Abhishek Bachchan’s ads.

With this new pack, Idea is offering up to 75% discount to its postpaid users in the international roaming charges. Users will be able to avail these discounts while roaming to 37 most visited countries including US, UK, China, Singapore and more.

Under the iRoam, Idea is offering following packs to users:

i-Roam Pack for Voice, Data & SMS

(Discounts are on Voice, SMS & Data usage)

IR500 pack:

  • Monthly rental: Rs 500
  • Discount: 35%
  • How to activate: SMS ACT IR500 to 12345

IR1400 pack:

  • Monthly rental: Rs 1400
  • Discount: 60%
  • How to activate: SMS ACT IR1400 to 12345

IR5000 pack:

  • Monthly rental: Rs 5000
  • Discount: 75%
  • How to activate: SMS ACT IR5000 to 12345

Idea has also launched a data pack which lets you use 40MB data for Rs 2500 while on international roaming. You will also get a discount of 75% beyond free data usage.

DR2500 pack:

  • Monthly rental: Rs 2500
  • Free Usage: 40 MB
  • Beyond free usage: 75% discount
  • How to activate: SMS ACT DR2500 to 12345

Idea has also launched a US specific plan under which you can send, receive calls at Rs 15/minute, send SMS at RS 15/SMS and use internet at Rs 15/MB.

US1500 pack:

  • Monthly rental: Rs 1500
  • Outgoing calls (Local/Home/Intl): Rs 15/minute
  • SMS: Rs 15/SMS
  • Internet: Rs 15/MB
  • How to activate: SMS ACT US1500 to 12345

Note that these discounts/tariffs are applicable to 37 countries on some specific operators’ network. Visit the plan page to see the list.

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