Icade launches gaming adapter for iphone

iCade-Mobile A good news for all the gaming fans as Icade launches a special gaming adapter for iphone in the form of a Bluetooth case that can slide around your phone. You can play games on your iphone by using the tracker and read buttons on the adapter.  Now, you will have a tactile controller to play action, racing and adventure games on your iphone. Icade mobile now offers you a comprehensive gaming adapter with action buttons to give you a true gaming experience. To your surprise, it is available for just $80. This Icade adapter can support 400+ games. Experts also found this adapter a better version in comparison to its predecessor. The launch of this Icade accessory has made the people excited. They appreciate Icade for making iphone a real gaming console. To some, such an adapter was a necessity for playing some tough games. Games like Megaworm can now be played through trackpad. Isn’t it pretty exciting? The Icade gaming adapter has open up a new era of gaming. It depends upon you that how much you can explore it.
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