Huawei all set to bring out Emotion User Interface on June 9th

Huawei-Emotion-UI Over the last few months, Android phone maker, Huawei, has made a big splash in the smartphone section by rolling out two flagship cellular phones featuring fantastic potentialities. The brand is not sitting back on this victory and is reportedly ready to introduce their individual user interface named Emotion UI. Accompanying the footmarks of other big Android makers like Samsung and HTC, Huawei also intends to lace Android with their personal user interface. According to a report, the author stated, “ICS is also presumably Huawei’s ‘target’ for its Emotion UI, although details are scarce at the moment. The grand unveiling is set for June 9, and the interface will become available sometime in July. Still a mystery is whether Huawei plans to issue updates to already shipping Android smartphones in order to add the Emotion UI. However, it seems almost certain that all Huawei Android devices that will ship in or after July will come bearing this new overlay.” As of now, there are no screen shots or leaked effigies as to what this forthcoming Emotion user interface from the company will resemble but it seems that the brand has delineated it as being emotional, straightforward and stylish. Huawei, in the past have gathered fame for being a trade name, which had fabricated budget level Android gadgets but at 2012’s CES, they uncovered a smartphone named the Ascend P1 that was actually slim. Having a UI that is custom built and projected well can be a vast experience for users as it permits one a lot of ease of access. But, as in the past, some user interfaces such as the Blur featured on Motorola cellular phones can also carry away the user experience of the operating system as it is profoundly integrated in it depriving one of the essences of the Android OS.
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