‘#HTCTwoShouldHave’: User’s expectation from HTC One’s successor

HTC was one of the first companies which jumped into the Android bandwagon in the smartphones segment. But, rise of Samsung in the highly-competitive market lead to dwindling revenues for HTC since past few quarters. HTC knew that it had to do something different to stand out from the crowd and hence it went back to drawing board for its 2013’s flagship. The result was HTC One- smartphone with premium metallic design, Full HD display, powerful hardware and superb ultrapixel camera. Ever since its launch the smartphone has been earning praises from critics and users alike.

That got us into thinking, what would it take for HTC to replicate the success of HTC One. Most likely its successor is to be christened HTC Two. More importantly, what should be the features of this smartphone to be ahead of its rivals. As always, we turned towards you guys at Twitter via running a contest ‘#HTCTwoShouldHave’. The contest had been pretty simple as to suggest the possible features of HTC Two. Thanks to you guys we got enormous response consisting of more than 500 tweets within a short duration of 4 hours while the contest ran. What we liked about all of your tweets was the variety of suggestions about the specifications, features and even some wacky ideas which might not be practical, but nevertheless makes us laugh even thinking of them.

Check out selected tweets from the contest in a slideshow here- [View the story “#HTCTwoShouldHave” on Storify]

And the Winners Are..

It has been very difficult to shortlist the winners for the simple fact that all the tweets were equally good. But, still here are the winners-

Thanks to you guys again for such an interactive participation. Stay tuned and we’ll soon come up with the HTC Two Concept Phone designed through your help.
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