HTC plans to launch DLX: 5 Inch 108P display Smartphone

htc dlxIt is reported that HTC is planning to launch 5” full HD 108p display, Android 4.1.2 device having S4 Quad core processor from QUALCOMM calling the DLX. It will have 16 GB internal memory with 1.5 GB RAM. It will also have 12 mega pixel rear facing camera. The company plans to launch this device as its flagship model. The Verizon part is not clear till yet but the sources say that Phone has a red-ish theme and a DROID notification sound. The company previously planned to use TEGRA 3 chip which was replaced by the Snapdragon S4.Earlier LG announced to launch 5 inch 108P LCD Smartphone in the market and even Sharp revealed to produce 5 inch 108P LCD panels in mass earlier this month. The 5 inch 108P display was shown in CEATEC Trade Show 2012 by the Sharp. LG’s Optimus G also uses snapdragon s4 chip and LG has announced that it will start shipping of its Otimus G by the end of this month.Reports in the industry verify that HTC DLX has been approved by the Global Certification Forum. HTC-DLX is going to run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. It is also to be kept in mind that it is rumored in the internet that HTC is going to make Nexus version of this Smartphone. In the near future we may see the multiple Nexus devices instead of LG’s Nexus which have been unleashed in the photos recently.
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