HTC One XL, ONE X+, EVO 4G LTE enters the PlayStation zone

HTC increases the number of PlayStation certified handsets to six with the HTC One XL, One X+, EVO 4G LTE getting PlayStation certification. This comes post the Sony PlayStation Mobile Store completes its two months period in the market.

HTC One V is the odd one out in the list of HTC smartphones when it comes to PlayStation features. This is because Sony requires Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS to support PlayStation on this device. HTC has not yet announced the upgrade and rumours suggest that HTC One V is not receiving this upgrade in the near future.

HTC One X, One S and One V have already received PlayStation certification. It is interesting to note that apart from Sony devices, HTC is the only company that has been able to get its handsets PlayStation certified. This certification provides access to Sony’s PlayStation Mobile Store. Although it does not have too many exciting games as of now but the company is working upon introducing a wide variety of games in the near future. The scarcity in the number of games could be due to the fact that Sony’s PlayStation Mobile Store is just two months old.

Rumours suggest that Sony is working upon increasing the number of PlayStation certified phones and in the near future we might witness more handsets getting the PlayStation certification.

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