HTC One X+ (Plus) review

HTC One X Plus has made its own HTC One X a runner up. This can leave a lot of HTC One X owners furious at the renewed specifications added to new One X+. HTC One X, the flagship device, has not run its course and is still hot in the market, and yet HTC decided it required a few additions and improvements. For those who were nearly convinced by the HTC X One, this new version will be all the more compelling. This is an old trick, ploy or whatever by HTC. We have seen it in the Sensation XE, which replaced the first Sensation at about the time when the latter finished the notional half of its spell. In the case of the One X+ it seems like HTC received complaints about its lack of required storage, and the missing microSD slot for expansion in a positive way and translated its response into the One X+and so the One X Plus goes the complete different way and packs in a lot of NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor has been bumped up to 1.7GHz directly taking on the powerful Galaxy S III sword to sword. Sometimes its nice to wait for the opponent to play its cards and then trump or equal that! The 2,100mAh battery is bigger on the One X+ to power. This device also offers better video chatting facilities for one through a bettered front camera (1.6 megapixels) having a high resolution chip with better image processing, and secondly there is better audio works to improve the speaker sound quality. On the One X+ you will get HTC’s updated Sense 4+ skin which is  based on Jelly Bean. More grief to the older One series model owners as this is announced to be made available on that series as well. There is the breathtaking 4.7 inch 1,280 x 720 Super LCD2 display. The back camera is the same 8 megapixel f/2.0 one. The device however has just 1GB of RAM which falls short of that set up by its arch competitors.HTC One X Plus Rear Flash CameraThe first thing that springs to the mind when you get your hands on the HTC One X is the word “classy” and HTC has not faltered in carrying that banner through to the One X+. The One X Plus is a little heavier weighing 135 grams as compared to the 130 gram weight of the original One X. It has an upgraded version of the Gorilla Glass panel which looks fabulous in totality with the matte black colored polycarbonate unibody. There are a few hints of red on the navigation buttons. There are three capacitive buttons on front, along with the camera and earpiece. On the right is a volume rocker that is fairly bigger and more comfortable. On the top is the power button, 3.5mm jack, while the left has been exclusively given to the micro-USB port. On the back is the camera, and an LED flash beside it. The camera sort of just out like the ones on the other HTC flagship models. The camera can however take 20 burst shot pictures in a good 3 seconds versus the original One X which tool 5 seconds. Unfortunately there is no provision to lock focus between shots like in the One X. The video rate has been left at 1080p, despite the fact that it is fit with a better processor. There is a loudspeaker grill at the bottom. Apparently a feedback amplifier has been set in place for better audio output. The Beats Audio is great on this device and is compatible with any headphone one x plus rear viewThis HTC is storage capable to 64GB of internal storage and realistically about 56GB of usable space. It works on the AP37 variant of NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chip, which has four main cores and a less powered companion core and has a maximum single core speed of 1.7GHz. Also Ice Cream Sandwiched has melted out to give way to Jelly bean. So better processor teaming with better Operating System improves performance in theory and when put to the test, it really did reflect this.The battery is a 40-nanometer silicon and does back up more. With a better processor the battery ought to be improved to take on more, however on this device, when running graphics intensive games and multi tasking the phone went beyond warm up to “hot” and the battery went cold only too quickly. Some useful tools have been added to the One X+ like  Google Now. Google Now changes the home screen from the boring horizontal line, into a T shape. The tail holds cards in it and so for readability and access it works well in this format. Google Now has its pros and cons. It is so individualistic and independent that it almost feels like a parasite OS overlapping on the existing OS. Voice search is also available and is part of Google Now and like the latter it too is challenging and advanced. It is a lot more capable at taking on speech recognition offline especially when compared to Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S Voice. Another addition is Project Butter, which makes little or no consequence. A few HTC apps have also been set in place. An app that better presents your photos, and the HTC Getting started that allows you to use a PC to configure your phone and is effective since a setup through your PC would work faster.  HTC’s Music app integrates cloud technology content with local stuff on your device and presents it well.HTC One X Plus camera reviewThe HTC One X+ is definitely a better option compared to the original One X. Updates like better storage and battery life makes it so. This device is also rumored to get the Sense 4+ soon, a few months into its production. The HTC One X+ has features that will get mixed responses, since they cannot entirely be said to be great, since some are redundant or bring down the better ones. The camera resolution could have been improved as also the video quality. Even the audio output doesn’t live up to expectation. If you can push your budget beyond the One X, then the One X Plus is the way to go.
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