HTC might drop bundling Beats headphones with Smartphones

Despite the highly touted partnership between the two companies, customers didn’t really choose smartphones based on headphones. With this experiment, HTC learnt a lesson that even branded accessories will not serve as a key selling points. In customers view point, the buying decision will be purely based on the value of core product (device) and as the term denotes, accessories are just peripheral (secondary). HTCRezound_withBeats Last year, HTC  took a majority stake (51 percent) with audio accessory company Beats Electronics and unveiled the HTC Sensation XL and HTC Rezound smartphones world wide. These two phones come with the incorporation of Beats technology and featured its branded Beats headphones with the sales pack. Though the beats headphones are available only with HTC devices, it didn’t attract many customers. Hence the results aren’t fruitful, HTC decided to drop-out the bundling with the smartphones.

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