HTC M7 render and leaked images are out

HTC-M7-RenderLeak once, leak twice, more publicity. The new leak of the HTC M7 render is teaser showcasing new angles of photography online.The first leak was a render of HTC M7, the second leaks of the 5.0 UI. The unofficial render, showed us that HTC has stuck with its characteristic look and design overall. HTC has however tried to add an element of fresh for familiar HTC users by placing the Android buttons in new spots from the usual, for instance the Home option has been moved to the extreme right side. We don’t know if there will be obvious deviations on the design on the back of the panel when its released.From another source it is seen that the HTC M7 is exactly like that shown before. The icons placed below the screen are of the same kind except changes in the Home button and the multi-task ones. The back of it looks to be different, and new, yet perhaps a bit sketchy leading us to think its just a concept, that needs finalization. The front camera is to the right side at the top, while the volume rocker is alongside the right of it. The logo of the Company is black and reflective differing entirely to the usual chromium one. Missing is the beats audio, well, who knows the factuality of this leak. The images however show that the UI has been given a do over and is all m7 new leakSpecification wise rumours have it that it will have a 4.7-inch 1080 resolution display, with a nice 13 megapixel back camera. The device may come powered with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor and 2GB worth of RAM. It may bear semblance with the  HTC Droid DNA bodied in an all black case with formed rim running all around. Rumors of the price of this device have suggested that it could cost  $600 and up with no word of availability across shores yet. Hey, nothing is official yet, so let’s be patient.
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