HTC hints about launching new tablet and wearable device in the future

HTC’s CEO Peter Chou and Chairwoman Cher Wang have spilled out some beans about company’s plan on launching a new tablet and a wearable device in the future. It looks like the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer is planning to expand beyond smartphones and working on a new tablet & some sort of a wearable device to compete against the devices from rival brands like Sony Smartwatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear.

HTC’s bosses have not yet revealed any information when exactly it is planning to release these devices buy they added that the tablet will be ‘nice and disruptive’ when it will arrive. All these details by the company are revealed in a joint interview with Financial Times and it is the first time HTC talked about its plans for the world of digital wearables. “Wearable technology is “a critical segment for us”. It matches what we do today as a mobile experience overall. That is one area we are excited about.” HTC CEO Peter Choice told Financial Times. He also added that “When the tablet comes out it will be something nice and disruptive. There are a lot of devices to innovate, ubiquitous intelligence is not just wearables.” HTC seems to be really excited about stepping into the world of wearables and it is also focusing more on the mid-range smartphones. Recently, company also announced that it is planning to introduce sub-INR 10,000 smartphones in the emerging markets like India very soon. Overall, it looks like the Taiwanese manufacturer is having some strong goals for the further development of the company.
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