HTC Desire Eye review in pictures

“A bird-eye’s view of the most expensive and powerful smartphone in HTC’s Desire range, the Desire Eye”

While all the top smartphone manufacturers felt pressure from new-gen brands last year, Taiwanese brand HTC rose in popularity, thanks to its wide range of devices available at distinct price points. It spread its offerings well by targeting the entry-level and mid-range segment with the Desire range, with the super-premium arena served by the One series. Now, the brand is blurring the difference between these portfolios with the Desire Eye (camera review), as the device packs in high-end specs at a not-so-cheap price tag. If you want to know more about the smartphone, then our full review will be up soon to answer all your questions. But before we do that, here’s a snapshot of what the Desire Eye brings to the table.

Photos by  Raj Rout
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