HTC Butterfly X920d First Impression

HTC is India’s first smartphone with Full HD display launched in 2013. The future phones that will follow the Full HD display trend is Sony with Sony Xperia Z, Samsung and other OEMs who will showcase their products at MWC 2013 in few weeks. The HTC Butterfly is the only phone with Full HD display. The phone is priced on the same level as iPhone 5. HTC Butterfly X920d The HTC Butterfly X920d has a decent 5-inch display that is slightly heavier than HTC One X. The 5-inch display is not as large as the Galaxy which makes it extremely comfortable to use even on small or medium-sized hands. The volume rocker has sufficient dimension which does not have to be stretched to a large extent while using, however the power button is on the top and you might have to turn the phone a bit to reach the power button. With this phone, you cant remove the battery since it is sealed, and the entry points to the SIM slot, SD card and USB port are covered with plastic which has the amazing capacity to prevent dust from entering the interiors. The HTC Butterfly functions on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 with Sense 4+mask, that is also present in the One X+ model. This model lacks the shortcut toggles as observed in the previous models. The phone is fitted with Super LCD 3 panel with an excellent resolution of 1920x1080p with a pixel count of 441 ppi, which is a double resolution capacity compared to the flagship model. The characteristic feature of thin phone is the stacked pixels which is obvious only when you dissect the appearance closely. This feature is excellent for effective texting. HTC has a decent resolution to keep up pace with extra pixels. This system has an excellent pixel capacity, but when you observe the phone there is a faint difference between a 720p and 1080p display at 5 inches. The phone has a powerful power train that has games and apps on supreme resolution screen. The other credible feature is the bright display that can withstand bright intensity in daylight.

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