HTC 8X Windows Phone Preview

HTC 8X is built with a neat and slender design with glossy borders, the phone is built to cater to youngsters to blend with colourful attire. The HTC 8X is one of the most appealing smartphones introduced. The attractive factor is contributed by the rubbery finish of polycarbonate and glass that portrays a premium look. The other interesting feature is the bright polish, in India the phone is rolled out in blue and black trims. The phone is equipped with 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 display with a row of capacitive buttons at the bottom. The neat appeal of the phone is due to the volume rocker and power button sit flush with side panel. There is also a dedicated camera shutter button as observed in all WP8 handsets. WP8S_3views_Blue_575px At the rear is the 8MP shooter with LED flash and speaker grill at the bottom. The 8X is equipped with Beats Audio enhancement for music and video playback over headphones. The 8X offers comfortable feel that matches the feel of WP8. The phone has a dimension of 10.1mm and weighs 130g. The screen display is large and can be accessed pretty easily even with tiny figures. The display is shielded by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 that is extremely resistant to scratches. The HD resolution is powerful at 341ppi which is excellent for web browsing or HD flicks. This phone can be viewed even with high sunlight intensity. The phone is inserted with apps such as Flashlight, HTC Hub and so on as observed in other Android phones. HTC Windows Phone 8X delivers impeccable audio quality with Beats Audio. The music player is efficient with organising music library with the option to browse through music and videos. Beats Audio can be activated only with plugged in headphones. The phone is incorporated with 1080p video playback that supports MP4 files. The storage capacity offered by the phone is 16GB.

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