HP Pavilion G6-2009TX Laptop with a Glittery Pink Metal

The HP Pavilion G6-2009 TX is a laptop which offers different options to those who prefer HP series; the exterior metal is designed with a bright pink finish. Most interestingly, the laptop has quality multimedia features at a reasonable price of below Rs 40,000. HP has introduced the glittery pink to probably cater to the demands of various colour tastes of consumers. HP Pavilion G6-2009TX For those who are attracted to the pink metal, it is worth evaluating the features of the system with its decent display dimension of 15.6-inch. The pink metal is more or less a classy red coat of paint. The system offers convenient auxiliary features with three USB ports, two are of USB 3.0 type and one USB 2.0. there is also a stunning range of fun and interesting traits for tech buffs such as LAN, headphone, HDMI, SD card reader, VGA, and microphone jack along with a DVD burner. There are also hard disc activity lights are fitted at the side behind the DVD drive. The HP Pavilion G6-2009, offers abundant convenience to type with comfort and ease. The keyboard is of a full-length chiclet type with a numpad. There is nothing more soothing than being able to type for long hour continuously without feeling too tired, the HP Pavilion G6-2009 offers this amazing feature, where there is sufficient space for palm rest. The Chiclet keys have sufficient spacing between them, where you don’t have to crash into another key by mistake while typing. The speaker grill is of quality type developed from Altec Lancing. The trackpad is sufficiently large, the mouse enables flexible dexterity while moving the mouse to browse different files. The system is slightly on the heavier angle 2.4kg. The HP Pavilion G6-2009TX has admirable interior processes responsible for its impressive resolution and multi-media features. The system is incorporated with a Corei3-2350M Sandy Bridge CPU which delivers a dual-core CPU function with versatility of 2.3GHz with HyperThreading. The remaining components have 4Gb of RAM, 500GB hard drive and AMD Radeon HD 7670M with 2GB memory. To prolong battery durability, the card supports switchable graphics. The display resolution is 1366×768. For recreations purposes and security devices, the G6-2009 is delivered with Microsoft Office 2012 Starter, Norton Internet Security, Cyberlink PowerDVD, CoolSense, Games, Launch Box and Security Assistant. The HP G6 notebook is extremely efficient with its speed, where 7zip 100MB files can be compresses in just 93 seconds. The system completed the task in 121 seconds in the video encoding test and POVRay completed the test in 50.8 seconds. The G6-2009TX has the power to function for lengthy periods with ease, even when the system is fully heated, you can barely hear exhaust fans. The keyboard is extremely comfortable to function with. For music freaks, the Altec Lancing Speakers offers balanced intensity sound. The laptop is slightly heavy, which might offer comfort for long, when placed on your lap. The battery life offered by the G6-2009 is for a short duration of around three hours. The HP G6-2009, offers significant features in terms of multi-media, versatility and recreational activities. The laptop is pretty eye-catchy at first glance, and with its equally exceptional features at a decent price, it is definitely worth the purchase.

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