HP Envy 4 1104TU Ultrabook Review

HP Envy 4 1104 TU is a laptop with a refined light silver polish on the interior, the new Envy 4 1104TU is fitted in the large Ultrabook segment from HP characterised by many key segments. HP Envy 4 1104TU  (1) The Envy 4 has offers a similar feel and appearance as that of the Spectre XT, it even has the appeal of a bigger variant of the Spectre XT. The laptop has a decent 14-inch screen. The top of the system is designed with a classy metal polish with the HP theme, which is different from the previous models of black polish. The HP Envy 4 is pretty attractive from the exterior that any passerby would be curious to explore the features of this laptop. HP Envy 4 1104TU has striking resemblance with Spectre XT when you life the cover. The keyboard is decked with a fine silver paint and the trackpad is also has the same finish. When you further explore above the keyboard there is a speaker bar, with a Beats audio logo imprinted, that also matches the design of the powerful Spectre XT, with  a similar adoption of power button on the left. To provide a cooling effect when the system gets heated, there are channels of vents at the rear. The side panel is designed with plastic and is inserted with connectivity ports; the notebook has a sturdy design. The overall outline of the system is on the thinner angle. HP Envy 4 1104TU  (2) The important and highlighting feature of the HP Envy 4 1104TU is the well channelized placing of keys, with enhanced visibility. The keys have a light and soft texture as observed in Macbooks. The up and down direction keys are of small dimension and stacked on top of each other which makes it slightly difficult to use. The system has a well positioned keyboard, barring the absence of Pause key.  There are shortcut keys to adjust volume and to carry out multimedia functions. The trackpad is of sufficient size and even the click buttons have the same design as the Spectre XT. The laptop has a decent weight of 1.75 kgs which is a bit heavy, but not heavy enough to impose strain on shoulders. The HP Envy 4 1104TU is equipped with Intel Core i5 3317U processor that functions at a speed of 1.7GHz, which is a dual-core processor fitted with two threads and 4GB of RAM which is also featured in the Spectre XT. To store loads of data there is a 500GB hard drive that is also inserted on the Spectre XT. The system runs on Windows 8 on HP Envy 4 1104TU. The system is inserted with 14-inch display on the 1104TU that has a magnificent resolution of 1366×768. To provide a range of connectivity options, there are three USB ports and two 3.5 ports for microphone and headphones. There is also the Beat audio speakers and systems on Ultrabooks. HP Envy 4 1104TU on the whole offers quality typing experience with its well channelized keys and supreme visibility. This system would be beneficial for professional and recreational purposes.

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