How to: Wirelessly transfer files to your android device

Simply use your exiting Wi-Fi network to wirelessly transfer files to your android device using a free utility AirDroid When it comes to transferring files to your android device USB is the most commonly used medium. But there is a better way and it requires nothing more than your existing Wi-Fi network and a free utility to create a seamless, high data rate connection to your android device using AirDroid. With the AirDroid application users can sync almost any type of file between devices at just a click of a button. All you need is a Wi-Fi network connecting to your computer and your Android device. So here is how to wirelessly transfer files to your Android device using AirDroid.

Step 1

1 On your android device and search the Play Store for the AirDroid application and install the application on your android device.

Step 2

2 Once installed, start the application on your android device. It might take a little time during the first start. Once the application starts navigate to the user icon placed on the top right hand side of the app to enter your details.

Step 3

3 You can register with the service using your e-mail address, or through your Facebook user ID as well. Enter the details to proceed.

Step 4

4 On your desktop or laptop computer navigate to ‘’ using any available web browser. It will ask you for your login details.

Step 5

5 Enter the login details similar to the application. Once the login is successful it will proceed to the home screen. On this page you will find the default desktop of the AirDroid application

Step 6

6 The desktop has a handy widget that shows how much space is there on your device along with the name of the device. From the desktop select the files icon to transfer files to and from the device.

Step 7

7 The application works quite similar to Windows and shows files and folders in similar fashion. To be able to upload files select the upload key placed on the extreme right side of the folder.

Step 8

8 You can either choose to drag and drop the required file or can also upload whole folders through manual selection.

Step 9

9 To download any file or folder from your android device simply right click on the file or folder and select ‘Download as Zip’. Although AirDroid is not as fast as a USB connections, still it is better than USB in many ways as it completely wireless and relies on home or office Wi-Fi network only. Using it you can also access pictures, messages, videos and even install applications in similar way.

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