How to send automated Gmail replies with single-click Chrome extension

Have you ever experienced being forced to repeat yourself throughout your working hours? May be in case of emails? If yes, then you might try out a Chrome extension called GmailWiz. You will find this a boon because it comes with four buttons to Gmail, facilitated of sending automated replies. GmailWiz chrome extension When the installation of GmailWiz is completed, users will find a thumbs-up Like button being added to the right side of the reply button. However, when the user sees the inbox, the button remains invisible. It is only visible in the course of reading an e-mail text. A wand icon is also added above in the row bearing the print and open in new window buttons. The settings of GmailWiz is accessible by clicking on the wand. In the settings, users can enable any of the four instant-reply buttons available there. These will be Like, TL;DR (too long; didn’t read), Got it and Lets Discuss. Each button has its own default response that can be changed by uses accordingly. Users can also send these instant text replies to all or to only the sender on the thread. In real function, the GmailWiz’s buttons are really one-click responses. There is no necessity to hit send or reply after clicking one of them. The moment one of the buttons is clicked upon, immediately the extension loads the reply and moves off.

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