How to: Merge multiple contact files in a single file

Got multiple contact files that you need to merge in a single file? Here’s how

When migrating from older devices to newer Android smartphones, the most annoying part is to transfer contacts. Older devices such as ones based on Nokia’s Symbian S60 operating system allow users to export contacts as individual contacts and not as a single file of contacts. The problem that arises here is that Google allows for contact uploads through GMail but at a time only one file is supported. So if you have 200 contacts you might have to upload 200 files individually, unless you could combine all of the files in one single file. To know more read on:- P.S. This way you can also combine contacts from multiple devices in one file as well unless they are in the .CSV file format. Step 1

Step 1

Export all the contact files from your older device to a single folder on your windows based computer. The name for the folder does not matter and you can choose any name for the folder. Step 2

Step 2

Run Command Prompt application on your computer by simply pressing the “Windows” key along with the “R” key. Once the application type “Cmd” and press enter. Step 3

Step 3

The “Command Prompt” terminal would come up on the screen. Now, in the Command prompt Terminal enter “CD” followed by the directory of the saved contacts. So, if you have saved your contacts in the Windows Drive or the ‘C’ drive enter the command as “cd C:\followed by the folder as named”. Step 4

Step 4

The command will now take you to the directory where your contact files have been saved. Now in the Command Prompt Terminal enter “COPY *.csv combinedfile.csv” if you are combining .CSV files or, if you’re combining .vcf type files, type: “COPY *.vcf combinedfile.vcf”, without quotes. Press Enter to proceed. Step 5

Step 5

The screen should now display message “1 File copied”. Step 6

Step 6

Now you can use the single file to upload contacts on GMail or you can use it with device Sync software for setting up your new device.
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