How to install Facebook Home on Any Android device

Are you getting crazy to get Facebook Home on your Android device? But unfortunately your device isn’t one among the list of supported devices for Facebook home or you have a supported device but you are in an unsupported country. Don’t  worry here’s a solution for you. What if you own a Facebook home unsupported device, you can still install Facebook home on any of your current unsupported Android device. I got it running on my Lava Iris 501. Here’s a screenshot:

facebook-home PaulOBrien from Modaco got this done for you. If you have a supported device but you are living in an unsupported country, all you need to install his version of patched file and install. However, if you have tried installing Facebook home from play store (or apk file) earlier, you need to ensure that you have removed that one before installing the patch version. If you have an unsupported device, the process gets a bit longer for you.

  • Uninstall the Facebook Home if you have tried installing it from apk earlier.
  • Uninstall Facebook and messenger app. (You might need to root your device if Facebook is one among your default apps, fortunately this wasn’t the case with me).
  • Download and install Facebook and messenger from patched files (link below).
  • Download and install Facebook home from patched file.
That’s it. Link to thread and files
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