How to get built-in wireless charging in iPhone 4s

The current trend for charging your mobile is not something like the best charging device with wire, but how to charge it wirelessly. Yes, and you can also customize the technology on your iPhone 4S. Below is what explained here how to get built-in wireless charging in iPhone 4S. A modder by name Tanveer, also a doctor by profession, has developed a technology with his iPhone 4S to charge it without the help of a single wire between plug point and his mobile phone. To start it you need a spare charger port assembly, a wireless charger like that of Powermat that Tanveer uses it presently, very thin gauge wire and the back of iPhone 4S. Before you start, just remember few things that this process will void your warranty with the manufacturer and also you must have ample knowledge about assembling and dissembling of iPhone 4S. If these two things are okay with you then you may start with the process. Of course below 2 videos will support you more on how to do it efficiently. First solder the wires from charging port to USB points on the wireless charger ends, which can be Powermat. Follow the videos carefully there after. Oh yes, you also need to modify the back of iPhone 4S slightly as the wires inside it will be a bit extra thick now. Once you finish doing it and if it works fine then do share with your fellow readers your experience. Even do share your difficulties while doing so in the below comment box.

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