How to enable remote lock on your Android device

Just follow these simple steps to secure your Android device with the remote lock feature

Smartphones that we use are always filled with personal and sometimes confidential data that we would certainly not like anyone to have a glimpse to. But losing a smartphone is something no one has control on. And once it’s gone we have no control over the data we had stored on it. Well, in the past it would have been correct but not now, as Google has integrated remote control functionality in Android which is available to all, and that too for free. With the use of this functionality, you can locate your device and if that is not possible you can be sure that your data is safe as you can wipe your device remotely. Read on to know how to  do it. *Please note that this only works with android version 4.0 and later versions. Step 1 Remote locking your Android device 1 On your Android device access the Applications home and locate ‘Google Settings’ application and access it to proceed further. Step 2 Remote locking your Android device 4 The device will then open up the linked settings tab. Here all the settings related to the device’s Google / Google+ account can be located and tweaked. From the given options find the “Android Device Manager” option and access it to continue. Step 3 The Android device manager control allows users to remotely control devices. Here you will find two main options. From the two options select “Allow Remote lock and Factory reset” option to continue. Remote locking your Android device 2 Step 4 Remote locking your Android device 4 The device will give you a prompt as to enable Android device manager functionality as a device administrator. It needs that access to be able to control the device on remote commands, which would in turn be coming from the users using a remote web based tool. Press ‘Activate’ to finalize setup. Step 5 Remote locking your Android device 5 Now you can access your device through the Android device manager, web interface: accessible at Step 6 Remote locking your Android device 2 You can simply select your device and select the option to lock the device remotely, or to remotely wipe it as well, if, unfortunately, you lose your device.
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