How To: backup and restore SMSes on Android

“Switching to a new Android device and need your old SMSes? Here’s a simple solution”

SMSes might be a tad old-fashioned in the new age of instant messengers, but is still among the most reliable and widely-used services for mobile phone users. While most of us may not have lots of personal text messages worth taking a backup of, we may have loads of commercial messages (such as those from banks) that we may want to retain. Therefore, taking a backup of all these messages may be required, especially when switching from an older Android smartphone to a new one.There are several free applications that allow simple and safe backup. We prefer SMS Backup+ because of its ability to schedule backups and create cloud-based backups by using your Gmail account. Here’s how to backup and restore text messages and call logs on Android using SMS Backup+. Screen (1) Step 1 Access the Google Play app on your Android smartphone and install the free SMS Backup+ app on your device. Launch the app directly once installed, or exit Google Play and run the app from the app drawer Screen (3) Step 2 The app home screen will display several settings related to the application. From that select ‘Connect to Gmail’ to begin. The following pop-up will show your Gmail address. Select that, and follow the instructions to complete the setup. Screen (4) Step 3 Depending on your needs, you can choose to create automatic backups or just a one-time backup. Next, select ‘Auto Backup’ and then tap on the ‘Regular Schedule’ option. From the following pop-up, select the desired time interval. If you’re planning to restore the text messages on a new device, select ‘Never’ from the list. Screen (5) Step 4 The app is now ready to take a backup of all the SMSes and call logs on your device. Tap on ‘Backup’ to start the process. Depending on the number of text messages on your device, the app will take anywhere between 3 minutes to about 10 minutes to create the backup and upload it to your Gmail account. Do note that the device needs to be connected to the web via Wi-Fi or 3G for this. Screen (6) Step 5 Once the backup is created, you can exit the app. If you have to restore the backup on a new device, simply repeat steps 1 to 3 on your new device. Screen (7) Step 6 Now instead of the ‘Backup’ key, hit ‘Restore’. The app will now start downloading the SMS messages on your new device, and depending on the internet speed and number of messages, it will display the estimated time.
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