House of Marley People Get Ready Earphones Review

House of Marley People Get Ready earphones has emerged in the remembrance of Bob Marley’s stimulating personality and talent that made him the unofficial ambassador of Reggae, who ushered the genre of merging of pop melodies, authentic musicianship, and an underlying message of revolution. 10647774-1354269075-492555 House of Marley People Get Ready (PGR) earphones are absolutely different from any other headphones. This set of earphones is assembled from eco-friendly materials and loaded with Rastafarian colors, the headset looks more like a piece of fashion jewelry than electronic equipment. Apart from the eco-friendly aspect of the earphones or its association with the music legend, the most important factor remains how good or bad does this earphone sound. Let us take a look to find out. Design and features House of Marley PGR ear-buds are constructed from Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood and recyclable aluminum along with other environmental friendly materials. Besides being green the wooden ear-buds also promise sonic advantage. Some manufacturers think that wood provides a warmer midrange and a clearer tone. The ear-buds of PGR are available in 4 different colors. The PGR’s wooden housings contain 10mm driver, covered by a coloured ear tip. It also comes with a 52-inch braided headphone cable of fabric that is black, checkered with multiple patterns of the familiar Rastafari red, green, and gold, along with a right-angled 3.5mm jack with gold plating. Fit and comfort The PGRs are nice and comfortable with a good fit. It can be worn for extended listening periods without any serious comfort issue. Audio performance The House of Marley PGR sound has a vibrating warm sound but lacks accuracy and details. It has a rather overpowering sound with is pretty booming and tends to drawn most of the music detailing. Vocals and instruments rather sound muddled and mingled together. Conclusion The House of Marley People Get Ready earphones are bass-heavy and does not offer much other than its eco-friendly design. At $30 it may suite some bass obsessed listeners.

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