Hotel Tonight update, NewsWhip, Forever Lost: Episode 1 SD Android App

Here are three interesting apps; one that offers news and information to keep you up to speed with daily occurrences and events and the other brings you some entertainment through a fun game packed with adventure. hotel tonight Android app NewsWhip is a free app that is all about news and news updates. What is does is, it brings you all the latest and most important news through a system in which the likes of billions of people are scanned through social networks to discover the hottest topics and most sought after ones. This is basically a way of crowd-sourcing. It scans through popular sites like Facebook and Twitter, and captures the most popular stories which is being shared the most amongst members. So you can save time from dwelling on deadbeat news and focus on what is really making headlines. The news is scanned from over 10 countries making it a platform for collection of global news. Forever Lost: Episode 1 SD is a game created by duo Graham Ranson and Simon Pearce of Glitch Games. This is an adventure packed game which starts with the player waking up in an unfamiliar place and with no memory whatsoever. The idea is to work your way through to figure out the larger picture. Forever Lost uses with “point-and-click” puzzle mechanics. The game centres around working your way through puzzles and fetching items of importance. To add a real mysterious side to it, there is quite a heavy note of horror in the narration of the story as and as it unravels after successfully finishing various levels and challenges. The game also uses camera mechanic through which you can take pictures of puzzles and items to refer to later. This game makes a good download for those horror and mystery driven folks. There are a few surprises and the puzzles pose a real mind tickling challenge.

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