HootSuite Goes Free on BlackBerry!

HootSuite is now released for BlackBerry. HootSuite for BlackBerry is a free app that helps users spread messages, monitor conversations, and track results — all from their handset. “Compose and converse on the go with HootSuite for BlackBerry,” the company says in a blog. Taking the advantage of the mobile device’s functionality, HootSuite allows BlackBerry users the tools to update both Facebook and Twitter. Plus, the software is both backward and forward compatible to allow the “maximum amount of BlackBerry fans to enjoy social media on the go.” mobilefest-blackberry-header “Simple, elegant and powerful HootSuite allows you to send and schedule Twitter and Facebook updates from virtually anywhere. Plus, easily manage campaigns, schedule updates, and view click-through stats for your social networks whether for business or personal use.” One can use the HootSuite mobile social media dashboard to: manage multiple social identities and networks, receive optional background notifications for updates, create custom views for tags and searches, schedule messages to send in the future, share and store photos and files, and shorten URLs with built-in Ow.ly tool. HootSuite for BlackBerry complements users HootSuite web account — one can quickly import accounts with a simple migration wizard to get started.

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