Honor 8 design overview: redefines style and elegance with its sleek profile

“We take a closer look at the Honor 8’s design”


While beauty on the inside is what truly matters, the looks have become quite an important aspect in this day and age. The same ideology applies to our smartphones too, as no matter how powerful and capable a device’s innards might be, if it looks like a brick, then you’d probably want to keep it inside your pockets rather than flaunting it in your hands.

The recently-launched Honor 8 is an extremely capable device owing to its Kirin 950 processor and 4GB of RAM, but that’s not all that the phone has going for it. The smartphone is a stunner, which is why, we decided to explore its design up close.


The Honor 8 uses a unibody metal design… or that’s what you’d think at the first glance, as every smartphone manufacturer case their offerings in metallic shells. Honor however, took a different and more challenging route with its latest flagship, and the result is a smartphone that’s encased in a blend of glass and metal. The Honor 8 has a layer of 2.5D glass on the back and the front with an aluminium alloy sandwiched in between, making it one of the most swanky phones we’ve had the luxury of holding. While a metallic smartphone requires you to slap a case on it as it tends to slip more, the glass back on the Honor 8 provides for a firm and sturdy grip owing to its 15 layers of craftsmanship.


The key lies in details and Honor seems to have mastered that. Be it the chamfered round edges which meet the slight curves of the display, the tactile metallic buttons or the perfectly-cut holes at the bottom, the Honor 8 looks elegant from every angle. The best design feature of the handset is its light-catching glass panel at the rear in which, any light source that hits the back panel creates a glowing effect across the device. More the light, better the effect.

That is not all that’s good about the back of the Honor 8 as the device comes with a 12MP dual-camera setup. Surprisingly, the company has managed to keep the lenses from protruding, a feat which some prominent smartphone manufacturers have failed at achieving. Thus there’s no wobbling when the phone is kept on a flat surface, and the lenses won’t be scratched either. Below the camera module is a cavity which houses the fingerprint sensor.


The fingerprint sensor is also unlike any other we’ve seen before. Along with letting you lock or unlock the smartphone in a jiffy, the sensor also houses a button. The brand calls it as Smart Key, and lets you use it for various functions such as turning on the flashlight, open any app, etc. These features can be tied to different actions such as a single press, double press, and long-press.

honor-8_3 honor-8_4

The front of the phone is noteworthy too. Instead of going with a 5.5-inch display, Honor settled for a 5.2-inch full HD one which not only makes using the device with one hand a breeze, but also bumps up the pixel density to make the texts and images appear sharper. The super-slim bezels add more to the comfort giving the Honor 8 a screen-to-body ratio of ~72.5 percent, thereby making it one of the most compact 5.2-inchers we have come across.


The smartphone industry in India is congested and segmented with mobiles that either scores big on performance or on looks. With the Honor 8, buyers will be getting the best of both worlds without having to spend a premium on the device. So if you want a smartphone which gets you envious looks every time you take it out of your pockets, the Honor 8 is your guy (or gal) and is available for Rs 29,999.

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