The shooting prowess of the Honor 6 Plus pitted against a DSLR

“Putting the camera prowess of the Honor 6 Plus to the ultimate test by comparing it to a DSLR”

DSLR cameras are undoubtedly the best when it comes to photography, but are pricey and not really easy to use. Smartphone cameras are at the other end of the spectrum, offering great ease of use, but usually, can’t offer compelling image quality.

Many device makers have tried time and again to prove that smartphone cameras can be better than a digital SLR in terms of image quality, but we never thought it’d be possible till the time the Honor 6 Plus (FAQs) landed in our hands. This smartphone boasts of dual parallel 8-megapixel cameras that use a special 3IE algorithm promising better image quality. Since the two lenses can focus individually on different subjects, users can get some great depth of field effects, even beating DSLRs in some aspects. The Honor 6 Plus also lets users play with the aperture and focus for that perfect image, both while shooting as well as after the image has been shot.

Putting the Honor 6 Plus to the ultimate test, we’re going to pit its image quality against that of an entry-level DSLR. The image on the left is the one captured by the DSLR, while the one on the right has been shot using the Honor 6 Plus.


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Looking at the petals of the pink flower, it is not hard to actually understand the difference the dual lens camera of the Honor 6 Plus brings to the table. The image shows a better depth of field which is quite evident in the way not just the petal but the stem has also been captured in focus with a greater level of detail than what the DSLR camera has managed to capture with the supplied 18mm-55mm kit lens. Along with focus, the colour reproduction is also slightly better in the image shot using the Honor 6 Plus, as compared to one from the DSLR.


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Along with better details, the Honor 6 Plus also offers variable focus for a better depth of field effect. This is clearly visible in the images that have been shot using the smartphone and the entry-level DSLR. In both the images, the details are visible as to how much more information the camera on the Honor 6 Plus has been able to capture as compared to the one captured by the DSLR.

Long Shot

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The difference is not just there in close-up shots, but also in distant images captured using the two devices. The image captured by the Honor 6 Plus offers a more realistic gamut of colours, while the DSLR suffers due to the slight lack in contrast. In addition, the dual focussing system here also works brilliantly by offering a clearer image which a single-lens system on even a DSLR can not offer. While at the same time, there is better clarity and sharpness offered by the smartphone while the DSLR is unable to offer similar or better results.

Motion Blur

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While capturing fast-moving objects as well, the Honor shoots with better results. Here we have shot two vehicles running at similar speeds, and the motion blur is very much visible in the image captured by the DSLR. On the other hand, the image captured by the Honor 6 Plus shows considerably less motion blur, thereby leading to a sharper looking image that offers more detail.

Creative Photography

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Even creative photography using the Honor 6 Plus is easier as compared to a DSLR, while offering better images. The samples above are a clear example of this, as the sun’s golden glow behind the tree is easily visible in the image on the right, while the one on the left displays a pale glow. In addition, the image is not getting overwhelmed by the added amount of detail and the higher brightness level caused by the halo of sun around the tree trunk.

Post processing

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In a budget DSLR, it’s not possible to perform any post processing of images, while the Honor 6 Plus captures two entirely different focal length based images in one shot, which can then be used to manipulate the area of focus later. The image on the left and right are two different versions of the same image, both shot by the Honor 6 Plus with minor post processing that has been done on the device itself.

Surprisingly, it seems the Honor 6 Plus has been able to do the unthinkable – beat a DSLR in its own game. Of course, we’re still referring to what a casual user can achieve with the devices, but one thing is clear – the Honor 6 Plus can outclass a DSLR not only in ease of use, but to some extent, even image quality. Not a mean feat.  

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