Camera comparison: Honor 5X vs LeEco Le 1s

“We compare the cameras of LeEco Le1s and Honor 5X”

The camera is one of the most important features in a modern-day smartphone. As it is, smartphone cameras have successfully replaced our point-and-shoot cameras – may it be a vacation, a wedding or just an outing, your mobile camera is always there with you. Now how would you feel if you are capturing important moments of your life – your child’s first birthday or your trip to Thailand… and the images turn out blurry or noisy? Hence having a capable camera in your phone is not a luxury, but a necessity. So let’s see which one of the two popular budget devices, the Honor 5X and the LeEco Le 1s, has a better primary camera. Both of them come with 13-megapixel primary cameras and on paper, should be equals, but duels aren’t won on paper… so let the showdown begin!

Let’s start with the quality of colours these devices capture. Below are the images of our colour variance chart, clicked by the two contenders (Throughout the article the images on the left are clicked from LeEco Le 1s and the ones on right are from Honor 5X’s primary camera. Click on the images, to see them in the full size).

As you can see for yourself, the colours from the Honor 5X’s camera appear to be more true-to-life and real. On the other hand, the colours from the Le 1s appear slightly faded and washed out.

Next up, let’s compare the two cameras outdoors.


Again, while the Honor 5X clicks the pictures in their natural tone, it seems that Le 1s artificially boosts up the colours. In fact, the images appear a bit warmer for this very reason.

While clicking in sufficient lighting is fine, this won’t be the case always. There are times when you are in poorly-lit environments, and need to capture quality moments – say at a club or a party. So let’s see which one of these two scores better in the dark. The first set is clicked with the flash turned off and the second one is snapped with the LED on.




The results speak for themselves… while both the pictures are dark, you clearly spot the object in the Honor 5X’s sample, while the same object looks hazy and grainy through the Le 1s’ lens. With the flashlight on, it’s even clearer – the Honor 5X makes the plant look beautiful. Red is reddish and green is green. But on LeEco’s smartphone, the object looks faded and colours appear washed out.


While similar in megapixel count (13-megapixels) both the shooters differ when it comes to capabilities. Honor 5X trumps the LeEco Le 1s in all areas of this test. In fact, if you take a closer look at the pictures, the Honor 5X is able to capture a wider shot, enabling one to gather more details of the surroundings. Hence, the Honor 5X emerges as the clear winner in this camera comparison, by displaying more prowess with its optics.

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