5 Reasons to buy the Honor 5X

“Here’s why you should be considering the Honor 5X”

When it comes to buying a smartphone that caters to your every need, and at the same time doesn’t weigh too much on your wallet, one can be presented with several options. But among all the choices, there stands a phone that is sure to make you reconsider your decision – the Honor 5X.

This device has been touted as a ‘no-compromise’ mid-ranger by Honor and we won’t disagree. These are the top five reasons for why you should add the Huawei Honor 5X to your shopping list.

Metal body


Something that most of the manufacturers have failed to realise is the desire of the consumers to hold a smartphone that screams premium all over, and what works better for that than to use an all-metal chassis? The Honor 5X does just that by sporting a gorgeous metal unibody design, which is a remarkable feature for a budget smartphone to have. The phone feels amazingly sturdy even with the slim build making it both appealing and robust.

Powerful specifications


Occasionally, even when budget phones are able to provide us with those appealing looks, they’ll still be lacking in sheer power and performance. Luckily, the Honor 5X doesn’t go that way. The latest from Honor boasts a vibrant 5.5-inches of 1080p goodness with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 Octa-Core SoC at the helm pushing all those pixels. Aiding the performance further is 2GB of RAM.

The phablet comes with 16GB of storage on board. What’s interesting is that the storage can be topped up further with a dedicated expansion slot, along with offering dual-SIM slots.

The Honor 5X also flaunts a fingerprint scanner at the back, which not only acts as a security mechanism, but can also be used for several other tasks.

Useful UI features


The Honor 5X runs Android 5.1 Lollipop right out of the box with a layer of Huawei’s Emotion UI 3.1 on top of it. Not only the UI makes the phone amazingly customisable, it also provides the users with some extra features easing their daily routine tasks. The EMUI 3.1 features include Draw which lets you draw a particular letter or shape over the locked screen to instantly launch the app related to the letter, and Shake which allows you to rearrange your icons just by a shake to keep it fresh.

The list doesn’t end there, the EMUI 3.1 comes integrated with daily applications such as an App protector which lets you lock apps and also choose the applications which are allowed to run in the background, hence, always keeping you in touch with your urgent notifications while saving up on the battery at the same time. A stock file manager which is also capable of clearing your cache to free some storage without the need of you having to download a phone cleaning app is also provided.

The list doesn’t end, and such features go a long way to ensure a good user experience.

Powerful cameras

The Huawei Honor 5X is capable of capturing pictures which are both incredibly detailed and vivid with its 13MP f/2.0 rear-facing shooter coupled with a 5MP f/2.4 front-facing sensor. Owing to the countless optimisations and options in Huawei’s stock camera app, the phone is able to deliver some amazing shots. To help in low-light environments, the phablet gets a dual-LED flash.

Impressive battery life

The Honor 5X comes equipped with a massive 3,000 mAh battery pack ensuring a lasting experience. The capacity is more than sufficient to make the phone last a full day without a charge even when it’s under moderate to heavy use. The device can easily provide you with a 5+ hours of screen on time on average, even 5.5+ hours on a good day. You can also enable various battery-saving modes to extract more juice if you need.

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