Honor 5C’s camera capabilities could give your DSLR a run for its money

The 5C brings professional photo and video modes to an affordable smartphone

How many times have you found yourselves facing a scenic view and were unable to capture that moment because you didn’t have your dedicated camera (point and shoot or DSLR) and the one on your smartphone wasn’t “good” enough? In this age of technological innovations, it’s surprising how many of us still rely on a bulky DSLR to click the most basic of pictures. Sure, you could just carry a small digital camera whenever you travel but that’s one more accessory that you need to take care of. One more accessory that you need to charge. They say that when it rains, it pours… which is very true in this case as well. The need for a good smartphone camera has never been higher with social media services like Instagram, Tumblr along with some camera apps like Prisma on the rise. Yet many of us still rely on the mercy of good lighting conditions in order to capture a half decent picture from our smartphones.


Don’t get us wrong here. There are plenty of good smartphone cameras out there with the Huawei P9 being one of them. Although the phone is yet to hit the markets in India, the company has all out to make sure that the camera on its new flagship offers great results. Be it the dual-lens setup or the partnership with Leica, a premium camera optics brand, everything about the P9 screams professional photography. So, the camera on the P9 is great but the more affordable Honor 5C (first impressions) also deserves attention. Cometh the hour, Cometh the man. Or in this case, the cam. Honor, just like its parent company Huawei, is committed to give users the best camera experience without breaking the bank. 

honor 5c front honor back

The Honor 5C has been priced attractively at Rs 10,999 for all the features it has to offer. Talking about the hardware, the phone features a 13MP primary shooter along with an 8MP front facing snapper. While some may argue that the 13MP sensor isn’t going to suffice, the actual story goes way beyond than how many megapixels a camera has to offer. A higher pixel count does offer more detail but it also lessens the amount of light absorbed by each individual pixel. The final image is a reconstruction of the light absorbed by each pixel which is why higher pixel count doesn’t always account for a better camera. That said, the camera on the Honor 5C comes with autofocus capabilities and a LED flash along with a BSI (back illuminated sensor) sensor. This sensor improves the amount of light captured by the camera, thereby giving better low-light performance. The rear facing camera is capable of recording full HD videos at 30fps as well.


The hardware of the Honor 5C is pretty good. But for the camera to perform well, it needs to be bundled with appropriate software features too. And this is where the Honor 5C outshines most other budget smartphones. The phone features not just a Pro photo mode (manual photo mode) but comes packed with a Pro video mode too, which is something we haven’t seen in some of the premium flagships, let alone budget smartphones. The Pro photo mode allows you to tweak various features like ISO which can be set anywhere between 100 to 1600. Users can also select the shutter speed, type of focus (manual or auto) and adjust the exposure to get the perfect shot. And that’s not all, as the phone will also allow you to adjust the white balance. The Pro video mode however steals the limelight from other features by allowing users to play with the exposure, focus and white balance thereby giving them full control over the way they choose to record a video. The phone also features some dedicated photo and video modes like Beauty mode and the Good Food mode which will definitely give all your food shots a boost.

camera menu 3 camera menu 1 camera menu 2 camera menu pro photo Honor 5C camera menu pro video Honor 5C

Technical talk aside, just how good is the camera on the Honor 5C? Well, in good lighting, the camera caught some great pictures with sufficient detail and the story is similar for low light conditions as well. The BSI sensor on the back enhances the shots captured by the camera. Some of the images caught by the camera have been embedded below.

Honor 5C daylight 3 Honor 5C daylight 1 Honor 5C daylight 2 

Honor 5C lowlight 3 Honor 5C lowlight 1 Honor 5C lowlight 2 

In conclusion, as an affordable offering, this phone comes loaded with a ton of features that will help you capture those special moments in an instant while also giving you the flexibility of using pro modes. The Honor 5C gives you select features of a DSLR in a small package which makes it ideal for photography.

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