High-definition 3D On Mobile Phones!

Movidius has launched Myriad 3D – a landmark mobile 3D imaging and video platform. Myriad 3D is the first platform in the world to be optimized out-of-the-box to enable a 3D experience in high definition (HD) on mobile devices, allowing handset designers to produce a whole new generation of 3D-enabled smartphones. The first product in the Myriad 3D platform range is the MA1133 — the world’s first semiconductor product capable of a range of unique 3D functions: preview, capturing and processing high-quality user generated 3D video and images on a mobile phone; converting any 2D video to 3D in real time, and upscaling and playback of content in HD. Movidius’ Myriad 3D MA1133 silicon and software platform is capable of capturing stereo still photos and video images using two separate high resolution cameras, and then processing them in real-time into 3D, whether still or video, using the powerful multimedia processing technology at the heart of the Myriad 3D platform. The same technology will process the 3D images for the best viewing experience on a 3D display without glasses (auto-stereoscopic). MA1133 can also be used to view downloaded 3D or 2D content. Sean Mitchell, CEO, Movidius, commented, “Mobile phones are the place where 3D technology will gain real adoption the fastest. 3D entertainment may have started in the cinema, but the phone is something people experience every day. And having recently updated their TV sets to HD, consumers are not keen to upgrade again immediately to a 3D TV. Mobile phones on the other hand, are updated every 12-18 months. Also, many fundamental aspects of phones make them ideal for using our new Myriad 3D technology for viewing and capturing 3D images and displaying existing 2D content in full 3D without any need for special glasses.” The 3D capture, image and display processing on the MA1133 all benefit from Movidius’ proprietary multi-core processing technology. This technology delivers an unparalleled 20GFlops of processing power; previously unheard of in a mobile device. The MA1133 is the first in Movidius’ series of 3D products, with further product announcements to be made soon.

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