Here’s how you can buy iPhone 5S in India at the earliest

While iPhone 5 was the best iPhone till its launch, Apple iPhone 5S is even better. Significantly improved processor, better camera and the stunning look, iPhone 5s again proved that Apple products are always a step ahead of competition. What is better than owing an iPhone? It’s getting in to the first breed of owners. It sounds so satisfying when someone says, “Wow, the new iPhone! how did you manage to get that?”. No other Smartphone in the galaxy (or from the Galaxy series) can give you this feeling.

Buy Apple iPhone 5S in India

If you don’t want to lose the chance of being in to the first breed this time, you are on luck to land here. We have hunted something which guarantees you a delivery as early as first week of next month. You can buy Apple iPhone 5S in India right now with a promise to get delivered next month. A seller on eBay with 100% positive feedback, named “Techsolutions”, has listed the Apple iPhone 5S 16GB 2013 unlocked model for Rs 79,999. This is definitely a high premium over our estimated Apple iPhone 5S price in India, but then nothing comes without a premium. You need pay for the feel of being first. Note that, online retailer Saholic has also listed the new models of iPhone but has provided no clarification on pricing or delivery.

About Apple iPhone 5S

apple-iphone-5s If you don’t live in the rock age, you might be aware of Apple’s recent launch, the iPhone 5S. It is the successor of iPhone 5 with significantly improved hardware configuration and improved camera performance. It also looks awesome and for the first time Apple has launched an iPhone in golden color. So what are your plans? Are you going to pay a premium to get your hands on iPhone 5S at the earliest.
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