Helmet that can charge your Mobile Phone!

Two final-year electrical engineering students – Pragnesh Dudhaiya and Aalok Bhatt – from Nirma University, have found an interesting way to charge your Mobile Phones. Now, the mobile phone can be charged through a custom-designed helmet! The mobile-charging-Helmet utilizes the solar and wind energy and can charge a mobile phone fully in under 40 minutes. The final-year students have not filed a patent yet, and are planning to file one soon. Interestingly, the students designed this helmet to bring down the road-accidents caused due to people not wearing helmets. If you can charge your mobile phone while riding, you will have to wear the helmet! Am not sure how feasible/practical this would be at a commercial level. Moreover, they need to get approval from Road Transport Organization (RTO) for using this. The students took just 3 days to create this helmet. “We designed it when our college was hosting a ‘green fest’,” Pragnesh said. “It will cost Rs. 1,000, a small price to pay for safety as well as convenience,” he added. He also clarified that the Helmet would use solar energy during daytime and wind energy during night time to charge the mobile phone.

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